Inspection Services

Integrity Home Inspection’s #1 goal is to provide the most information possible to a client about a property by conducting a systematic and thorough inspection. We also want to educate our clients on different aspects and components of a home and help train them to spot these problems as they continue looking at different houses. Our services target home buyers, home sellers, and current home owners. We are here to make sure that you can buy, sell, and maintain your property with confidence!

Our services cover several different areas on the property. Please see the items below for a general overview of our services. For a complete list of the components that are inspected please review “ ASHI Standards of Practice.”


The structure of a home is important as it supports the weight of possessions and the house itself. A flaw in the structure can be catastrophic to the whole house. This portion of the inspection covers visible portions of a home’s foundation, basement, crawl space, slabs, framing, and roof structure.


The exterior components of a home play a large role in keeping water and other elements out of your home among other tasks.  This portion of the inspection covers visible portions of a home’s siding, windows and doors, decks, driveways, sidewalksgarages, and landscaping (as it affects the home).


The roof has an important role as a component of a home. The roof must keep water from entering a home and direct water away from the structure.  This portion of the inspection covers visible portions of a home’s exterior structure, roof coverings, flashing, chimneys, and gutters/drainage systems.


Plumbing systems do not typically contain flaws that can affect foundations, but unexpected plumbing problems can be expensive to fix. This portion of the inspection covers visible portions of a home’s water supply, piping, waste and vent systems, fixtures, and hot water systems.


Electrical systems must be proper and free of safety hazards, especially ones that can result in a fire or shocking to a person. This portion of the inspection covers visible portions of a home’s main panel, conduits/cables, branch circuit wiring, and fixtures.


The HVAC components are a concern to most clients. We all know that replacing a furnace and/or air conditioner can be costly.  This portion of the inspection covers visible portions of a home’s furnace, air conditionerdistribution system, we will also give an analysis on the functionality of these systems, and remaining life expectancy.


There are several items to inspect in the interior portion of a home. Our systematic inspection along with our training and experience will ensure that nothing is missed!  This portion of the inspection covers visible portions of a home’s walls, ceilings, floors, stairs, fireplacesattics, and room components.


The garage is one of the most versatile spaces on a property. It is commonly used for storage, parking, social gatherings, and as a work place.  This portion of the inspection covers many of the same items as the house: structure, exterior, roofelectrical, interior, plumbing and HVAC (if applicable).


What is a Home Inspection

A home inspection is a visual and operational inspection of accessible areas of a property as that property stands that day. A home inspection is not a warranty or guarantee from future problems with the property. No destructive inspecting or testing will be conducted during a home inspection.

A home inspection is designed to give a client a comprehensive analysis of a property without hiring several individual professionals. During the inspection we may recommend that you consult with a professional (a plumber, an electrician, a structural engineer, etc.) if we see a major issue or safety hazard.

For most of us, a home is the single largest transaction an individual will make. You do not have to buy or sell alone. We would like to work with you to ensure that you know what you are buying and selling.


What You Receive

Any home inspection is only as good as the documentation. When we complete a home inspection, our clients receive a completely interactive report. Our detailed report is completely customizable. We are able to add as many sections, sub-sections, and individual items as it takes to provide a complete and thorough report on any type of home. Our reports can be viewed online with a private URL, which means that the client has access to full-sized, high resolution photos. We can also use video clips, which is great for showing actions observed during the inspection (like water leaks).

Along with the report, our clients receive service after the inspection. We encourage our clients to follow up after the inspection with any questions or concerns that they might have.

We can come back out to you! We will come out to your property and reassess part or all of your property at a reduced rate. This service is great for a client who might want to make sure that all agreed items were fixed by the other party or that person may just want to make sure no conditions have changed in the time between inspections.